Permanent Makeup Academy

Discover the Permanent Makeup Academy in Phuket from Master Kanokpat. Master Kanokpat is one of the most famous Beauty Expert in Thailand.

The Permanent Makeup Academy in phuket offers all kind of courses regarding permanent makeup : eyebrows, lips, eyeliner etc.

Master Kanokpat's Academy deliver official Diplomas and allows you to become a professional Permanent Artist up to Master.


Beauty Academy Phuket
Service Type
Beauty Academy Phuket
Provider Name
Master Kanokpat,
1/35 Moo9, East Chao Fa Road,Phuket,Muang-83130,
Telephone No.(+66) 09 4596 9956
The Permanent Makeup Academy from Master Kanokpat offers high professional courses in Permanent Makeup