Beauty Treatments

If you are looking for a Beauty Treatments, you you should visit the Beauty salons in Phuket directed by Master Kanokpat.

Master Kanokpat is one of the most famous Permanent Makeup expert worldwide. She created the beauty Academy in Phuket 4 years ago and has hundred of students from all over the world every year.

You can learn about the last techniques used in PMU or improve every technique like 3d permanent makeup. This Beauty Academy is one of the few that can deliver an Official International Diploma as a technician, a graduated technitian up to Master grade.

You can get Beauty Treatments like 3D eyebrows, 6D eyebrows, eyeliner, scalp Micropigmentation and more at the Kanokpat Beauty Salon in Phuket.

What Permanent Makeup can do for you

The newest technologies by one of the most famous Permanent Makeup Expert, Master Kanokpat

3D Technology


Perfect eyebrows with the new 3D, 6D and 9D Technology.

6D eyebrows
6D Technology


Perfect eyebrows with the new 3D, 6D and 9D Technology.

eye-liner Permanent Makeup
Natural looking


Perfect look with natural eye liner every day.

Perfection every day

Contour or Full Lips

The perfect lips in any color every day.

Permanent Makeup Correction
Miskake ?


Bad experience in a non professional Beauty Salon ?

Beauty Academy
Professional Learning

Beauty Academy

Get an International Diploma at the Kanokpat Beauty Academy

Master Kanokpat Beauty Academy

  • You want to learn more about the new Permanent Makeup Technologies ?
  • From one of the most famous and graduated Expert worldwide ?
  • You want an Official International Diploma ?

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We can speak english, and can help in french and german

Beauty Treatments

Beauty Treatments
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Beauty Treatments
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Master Kanokpat Beauty Salon Phuket,
1/35 Moo 9 Chalong, (Opposite Chalong Police Station),Phuket,Muang-83136,
Telephone No.09 45 96 99 56
Phuket, Thailand
The Kanokpat Beauty Academy in Phuket encloses also the Kanokpat Beauty Salon where you can get the most professional Beauty Treatments in Phuket.