3D eyebrow - 6D eyebrow

3D eyebrow or 6D eyebrow ?

3D eyebrow or 6D eyebrow ?

With Permanent Makeup you can chose between 3D eyebrow and 6D eyebrow embroidery for a perfect result without spending all that time drawing on their brows.

But what is the difference between 3D eybrow and 6D eyebrow?

3D eyebrow embroidery :

gives you a fuller-looking eyebrow with darker and bolder strokes. Technicians use a special machine for this stroking technique, since

6D eyebrow embroidery :

gives you a lighter and finer-looking eyebrows looking more natural and more similar to actual hair. This newer procedure uses blades instead of the machine during application, however

Both process would take about 3 hours , therefore:

1 - The Permanent Makeup expert will draw on your brows to create the most beautiful design thats suits to your face. 

2 - A numb cream will be applied to make you more confident and safe.

3 - The 3D eyebrow or 6D eyebrow embroidery can begin

4 - When finished, the tecnician applies an after care cream.

After one month, you can proceed to your 3D eyebrow or 6D eyebrow touch up.

In conclusion, both techniques will last about a year or two, depending on how you take care of your brows. The materials that we use are natural organic.

Don't hesitate to contact by phone or by email for more information about Permanent Makeup for eyebrows.

Permanent Makeup school

New Permanent Makeup school in Phuket

A new Permanent Makeup school in Phuket :

Master Kanokpat, one of the best Beauty and Permanent Makeup specialist in Asia opened a new Permanent Makeup school in Chalong. Therefore this is second Kanokpat Beauty Academy in Phuket

Students from all countries can learn about the latest Permanent Makeup techniques. The school is opened either for beginners but also for professionals.

The new Permanent Makeup school offers many programs for every individual needs : from eyebrows to lips and now also scalp micropigmentation.

We invite you to have a look at the impressive list of Master Kanokpat's students that won prices at international Permanent Makeup contests worldwide to get a better idea about the high quality of the Academy.

Furthermore, the Kanokpat Beauty Academy belongs to the few academies that can deliver official international diplomas.

In addition we invite you to visit also the Kanokpat Beauty Academy Website for more information about the new Permanent Makeup school programm.

For more information, please contact us per phone or per email. We speak english and we can help in French and German.

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