Permanent Makeup Academy

Permanent Makeup Academy

Permanent Makeup Academy

Discover the Permanent Makeup Academy in Phuket from Master Kanokpat. Master Kanokpat is one of the most famous Beauty Expert in Thailand.

The Permanent Makeup Academy in phuket offers all kind of courses regarding permanent makeup : eyebrows, lips, eyeliner etc.

Master Kanokpat's Academy deliver official Diplomas and allows you to become a professional Permanent Artist up to Master.


Permanent Makeup Correction

Best Permanent Makeup in Phuket PMU

Best Permanent Makeup in Phuket PMU

Many Beauty Salons offer Permanent Makeup services in Thailand. Unfortunatly, they are not high qualified technicians or Masters !

Master Kanokpat is one of the Best Permanent Makeup in Phuket PMU. Master Kanokpat is one of the most popular Beauty Expert in Thailand.

All members of Master Kanokpat are high graduated technicians, like Master Pod or thechnician A who studied at the Beauty Academy Phuket.

You should chose the Best Permanent Makeup in Phuket PMU to avoid any bad surprise, then a semi-permanent makeup is not so easy to remove !



Become a Permanent Makeup Artist

Become a Permanent Makeup Artist

Become a Permanent Makeup Artist

Master Kanokpat's Beauty Academy Phuket offers the opportunity to Become a Permanent Makeup Artist.

The courses take 2 - 5 days depending on the level you want to acheive as a beginner, or as a professional.

Get the chance to Become a Permanent Makeup Artist and developp your own business as the Beauty Academy Phuket is one of the few delivering official Diplomas.

Permanent Makeup Eyebrows like 3D eyebrows or 6D eyebrows, the different techniques and material, the new trends belong to the courses, but also Lips, eyeliner etc.

you will get the best service available with one of the most famous Beauty Expert in Thailand : Master Kanokpat

Don't hesitate to visite the Beauty Academy Website.


best Permanent makeup Thailand

Best Permanent Makeup Thailand

Best Permanent Makeup Thailand

Master Kanokpat's Permanent Makeup in Phuket is for sure one of the Best Permanent Makeup Thailand. Permanent Makeup Phuket is owned and directed by Master Kanokpat, one of the best Beauty expert in Asia.

She is also the director of the Beauty Academy Phuket where you can study Permnanent Makeup and get an official International Diploma.

it is also for sure one of the Best Permanent Makeup Thailand, because all the technician are high graduated and have studied at the Beauty Academy Phuket. 

Whatever you want to acheive : eyebrows, lips, eyeliner oer even scalp micropigmentation, you will always get the best professional service in Phuket.

That is why, if you come to Thailand, don't miss the opportunity to visit the Permanent Makeup Studio from Master Kanokpat in Phuket.

Beauty Academy

Beauty Academy Phuket

Beauty Academy Phuket

If you would like to learn about Permanent Makeup or get an official international Diploma, we recommand to visit the Beauty Academy Phuket from Master Kanokpat.

The Beauty Academy offers many courses like:

- Beginners - Permanent Makeup
- Advanced - Permanent Makeup
- Permanent Makeup Master Degree
- Scalp Micropigmentation

and many more. You can also improve your knowlege in specialties like 3D Eyebrows or full lips etc. You can find further information on the Beauty Academy in Phuket website. the courses includes real pratice on real models. The courses take 3 - 7 days depending of the options you chose. The course are made by Master Kanokpat, one of the most popular expert for beauty in Asia. 

The Beauty Academy Phuket by Master Kanokpat is the place to go if you want to become a professional expert in Beauty.

Permanent Makeup Chalong

Permanent Makeup Chalong Phuket

Permanent Makeup Chalong Phuket

a new salon for permanent Makeup opened in Chalong : the Permanent Makeup Chalong in Phuket. This salon is the second Salon from Master Kanokpat, the Beauty and Permanent Makeup Expert in Thailand.

What can you do there ?

The Permanent Makeup in Chalong Phuket offers

* Lucky eyebrow Permanent Makeup
* Eyebrow Korean style Permanent Makeup
* 3D eyebrow Permanent Makeup
* 6D Eyebrow Permanent Makeup
* Lips Permanent Makeup
* Eyeliner Permanent Makeup

But that is not all : you can also have

* eyelash extension
* Manicure
* Pedicure
* Nail Spa
* Physiognomy
* Strech marks removal
* and many more

The Permanent Makeup Chalong opened in Juli 2017. You can get all the services from a high qualified staff in a beautiful, relaxing and friendly atmosphere.

Permanent Makeup with Master Kanokpat

Permanent Makeup Phuket Town

Permanent Makeup Phuket Town

If you look for a professional Permanent Makeup salon in Phuket, you should visit the Salon Permanent Makeup Phuket Town from Master Kanokpat.

One of the first Permanent Makeup Salons in Thailand

furthermore was Permanent Makeup in Phuket Town one of the first in Thailand and became very popular with the first offers for Permanent Makeup eyebrows and permanent Makeup lips.

The first Permanent Makeup Academy

and Permanent Makeup Phuket Town was also the place where the first Academy of Master Kanokpat was created. Many people from more than 30 countries came here to learn about Permanent Makeup.

Permanent Makeup Experts

Master Kanokpat's Team is for sure one of the best Permanent Makeup experts in Thailand. All of them won already many prices and international Awards.

Permanent Makeup school

New Permanent Makeup school in Phuket

A new Permanent Makeup school in Phuket :

Master Kanokpat, one of the best Beauty and Permanent Makeup specialist in Asia opened a new Permanent Makeup school in Chalong. Therefore this is second Kanokpat Beauty Academy in Phuket

Students from all countries can learn about the latest Permanent Makeup techniques. The school is opened either for beginners but also for professionals.

The new Permanent Makeup school offers many programs for every individual needs : from eyebrows to lips and now also scalp micropigmentation.

We invite you to have a look at the impressive list of Master Kanokpat's students that won prices at international Permanent Makeup contests worldwide to get a better idea about the high quality of the Academy.

Furthermore, the Kanokpat Beauty Academy belongs to the few academies that can deliver official international diplomas.

In addition we invite you to visit also the Kanokpat Beauty Academy Website for more information about the new Permanent Makeup school programm.

For more information, please contact us per phone or per email. We speak english and we can help in French and German.

Permanent Makeup Center

Permanent Makeup center Phuket

The new Kanokpat Permanent Makeup Center

This Center in Chalong offers a large range of professional Permanent Makeup services :

- eyebrows
- eyeliner
- lips contour
- full lips
- scalp micropigmentation
- and much more

Permanent makeup

Permanent makeup is a cosmetic technique which uses tattoos (permanent pigmentation of the dermis) to produce high quality designed makeup, such as eyebrows, eyeliner, lips, eyelids and more. 

Semi-medical applications use also Permanent Makeup : for example artificial eyebrows for older people, disease, such as alopecia totalis, chemotherapy, or a genetic disturbance, and to disguise scars and white spots in the skin such as in vitiligo. It is also used to restore or enhance the breast's areola, such as after breast surgery.

Men and Women can access to all the services of Kanokpat Permanent Makeup Center . The Kanokpat Team is high qualified and most of them are International Permanent Makeup Award winners.

The Kanokpat Permanent Makeup Center offers also other services like pedicure and manicure following the high European standards with high qualified technicians. 

Kanokpat Beauty Academy

The new Kanokpat Permanent Makeup Center in Chalong is also the place where you can find the famous Kanokpat Beauty Academy. In this Academy you can learn you all the new techniques regarding Permanent Makeup with the professional help of high graduated technicians and Master Kanokpat himself.

The Kanokpat Beauty Academy can deliver you an official international Diploma. For more information, please visit the Kanokpat Beauty Academy website here.

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